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Each piece is hand-painted on canvas and then set into a pendant and then signed by me. It is a new adventure that is being received well so far.
My work has been on everything from greeting cards to customized puzzles as well as shown at some of the top Hollywood gift lounges including the Espy Awards at the Playboy Mansion, The MTV Movie Awards, The Sundance Film Festival, The Golden Globes, The Kid's Choice Awards, The Emmy Awards and The Oscar Awards Gift lounges.
Having been born an artist I finally decided to stop fighting it and go with the flow.
I am a typical artist, very determined, always looking at how to redo something and constantly pulling things apart to make something new.
Nothing is white in my home except some paper that has not been introduced to paint yet.
My name is Nikki Cutro and I am the creative force behind behind the name 13 Black Cats Designs, a name I chose because I thought two typically "unlucky" things could cancel each other out to make something lucky. 
I have always been an artist however I have not always acted upon it until 2007 when three major life upheavals caused my life to take a turn I was not expecting. I tried to find a way to deal with things and I began to dust off my paints again as a way to escape what was going on around me and heal. I began illustrating and painting with watercolors and decided to post some work online with a company called Zazzle not expecting that much. When my work began to sell I thought this could be the thing I am able to do for the rest of my life.
Just recently I began to take my two loves, painting and jewelry making and combine them to make unique wearable art.
I have been creating since I made mud pies and dirt soup in the backyard.
I love color but choose not to wear it.
Nature and animals are inspirations and most important to me.
I find that the wee hours of the morning and rainy days are when I do my best work and I like quiet.
My mind never shuts off even while I am asleep, which rarely happens anyway, it goes 100mph at all times and never in a straight direct path. It also tends to think in run-on sentences.
I am a solitary creature that has many wonderful friends and a house full of furballs that is my family.
I am very complicated yet amazingly simple
Yes, that is me in a nutshell
Nikki Cutro - All Rights Reserved