On the morning of January 31st 2012 a fire destroyed my home claiming the lives of both pet rats all but one of my beloved cats. The days are not the same without them.
Both Samhain and I would like to remind you to take a moment, hold the person or animals you hold dear and tell them you love them because tomorrow is never promised.

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Nikki Cutro - All Rights Reserved
Lola - Quality Control
Samhain - Web Design
Penelope - Staff Writer
Isobel - Illustrator
Dexter - Security
Gallifrey & Elliot - General Trouble Makers/Destruction Crew
Parker- Plays Fetch
Lola is a stickler for details. She makes sure all t's are crossed and all i's are dotted, well that is until a random bit of fuzz were to pass by to distract and confuse her.
Samhain "paw" writes all
of the endless HTML, CSS
and XHTML that goes into designing and maintaining
our websites.
Poetry is her game. While not a master wordsmith she does try her best to help people say what they can't say for themselves. Now if we could just get someone to translate "Meow"
She always has her paws in her paint creating funny characters, however you have to keep an eye on her because she has been known to dip into the wash water from time to time.
Dexter's job is to make
sure any top secret designs are not leaked before they are ready to unveil, He has been known to be bought out
for a hunk of catnip
The Terror Twins. These guys are the surviving two of a litter of five that happened to be born in the window well of my basement. Since working with us they have managed to bring chaos and craziness and heaps of broken items, at least they keep us on our toes.

They also handle all of the snacks and coffee for the staff, sometimes the staff actually gets said snacks
Little Parker came to us as a foster kitten that had to be raised from a bottle after being abandoned. He has developed a talent for fetch and can do this hours on end which comes in handy when you drop your pencil.
SARA Rescue
This is one near and dear to my heart. Summit Animal Rescue Association Inc. is a no-kill rescue that helps strays find homes and takes animals out of abusive situations. They also run a TNR program.
This is where most of my staff is hired from and a place I volunteer with as much as I am able. I regularly donate art pieces to them so they can auction it off for much needed funds.
If you can, adopt from a shelter and remember to spay and neuter your animals so places like this will not be so overcrowded.
Don't Shop, Adopt. That can't be said enough.