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Thank You Artisan Group from Tess Hunt on Vimeo.

Nikki Cutro - All Rights Reserved
One reason I am not an actress other than my lack of talent in that area, is my squeaky voice. Thankfully I got the web address correct right off the bat so the rest of the interview was a bit less stressful. Misty did a great job of guiding me.
This is the lovely Tess Hunt and Actor Josh Sussman opening up The Artisan Group's Swag Bag from the 2012 GBK Golden Globe Gift Lounge at the L'Ermaitage Beverly Hills.
My gift is opened at the 7:05 mark and she mentions the necklace I gave her. It is the one she wore on the red carpet for The Golden Globes. If you wait until the end Josh makes an appearence.
I can't thank these two enough for the kind thing they did by making this video.